About Us

Here to help grassroots sports

There are an estimated 150,000 grassroots sport clubs in the UK. Approximately 23% of sports clubs are operating at break even, and an estimated 28% are operating with a deficit. The Covid crisis has only made this worse.

My Club Market was created by a group of sports lovers based in Surrey. We know that local sports clubs and teams are the centre of communities, and could see that they just aren’t getting the support they need at this time.

So we decided to help. We looked at the unique needs of grassroots teams and created a service that allows clubs to start generating revenue and to buy the products they need at a good price.

We do all of the research and build the relationships with trusted partners, and pass on the deals we find to clubs. And we’re able to get good deals because we provide our partners access to lots of clubs. This means that as our network of clubs grows, the deals keep getting better.

Our Ambassadors

Because we’ve got a big mission – to save grassroots sports! – we need some big names to help us. My Club Market is proud to be assisted by some high-profile ambassadors who are closely affiliated with sports clubs of all descriptions.

Our Ambassadors help us spread the word, and act as sponsors and marketing representatives to promote the vision and aims of My Club.

Sam Allardyce

Chris Sheasby

Matt Gotrel

Jon Salako

Chubby Chandler

Georgia Davies

Alan Forsyth

Liam Plunkett

Ollie Thorley

Joseph Knight

My Club Market is here to support grassroots sports clubs. Join us today!