My Club Energy

We guarantee to beat your club’s energy renewal!

Or we’ll give your club £500

We’re so confident that we can beat your club’s energy renewal that if we can’t, we’ll pay your club £500!

*This guarantee only applies until 31st March 2021, so act fast.

How do I claim?

To be eligible for the £500 you will need to allow My Club Energy to provide a quote for energy services for your club, and provide My Club Energy with details of your renewal quote from your existing supplier.

  • The renewal must be direct from your current supplier;
  • The renewal cannot be provided by a broker;
  • The renewal must still be within any stated quotation validity period;
  • My Club Energy must see the original email/letter from your supplier;

Energy procurement & management

Approaching your gas and electricity without being linked to any one of the large energy companies, gives our Energy partners the freedom to create competition for your contract. We believe this is the only way to drive down price to ensure you get the best deal for your club and save you money.


How we work

With the help of our partner’s expert team, you will achieve a better understanding of your club’s energy consumption within an instant and be able to turn this information into a quick and efficient plan to try and find your club savings within no time at all.

How we work

When it comes to utilities, knowledge is power. Through making use of your data, our analysts will look to help boost your bottom line.

Far too many clubs in the UK are overpaying for energy. It happens because energy contracts are agreed under less advantageous terms than are available under other contracts or through other suppliers.

We work differently. We’re transparent and passionate about working with our clients for many years to come by offering honest cost-saving options.

Why choose us

  • Transparent costs
  • Your club interests come first, always
  • Your own dedicated account manager
  • Freedom to create competition for your contract
  • Save your club money

They just take the hassle out of dealing with our energy suppliers. They sat down before they could ever win our contracts with a plan for what is best for our site, for us and for our contract. Most importantly they then implemented that plan without hiccup.

Ray Payne

Chief Executive, Northants County Cricket


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