Finance solutions for you and your club

My Club Funding is a unique way to get much needed money for improvements at your club.

Need some new equipment for your gym, but struggling to raise the finances for it? Know of a local business that could do with a financial boost? Maybe there’s a member who is after a quick and easy car loan?

Well, now you can use our funding model that guarantees your club, or those associated with your club, the means to secure the finance solutions needed.

Whether your club utilise it within your club or share it with local business owners, as well as those affiliated with the club, and YOUR CLUB will get a 20% sweetener* on each loan taken out!


Break down the cost of equipment into smaller chunks and pay as you use it!


Get the injection of cash that you need! It’s really easy and wont take you long.


We fund all types of commercial properties, so whatever you’re looking to.

*Your club will earn 20% of our commission on any policy taken out.

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