Leading LCD Hand Sanitiser Manufacturer

Protect your customers & your staff with our unique, stylish Full HD LCD Sanitiser units.


Sanitiser Machine

  • Thickened 3mm shatter proof tempered glass
  • Fully metal case
  • Waterproof unit
  • Internal Sanitiser Reservoir (12000 pumps)
  • Sensor light indicating sanitiser level remaining
  • Auto Dispense via the built-in IR Sensor, clean, safe & completely touch free to avoid cross infection.
  • Sensor light colour change when in use ( as shown below)
  • Wall Mounted or Stand Mounted available
  • Optional Extra : Security Camera
  • Optional Extra : Battery (runs on mains as standard)

LCD Screens

  • Full HD 1080p Screen
  • 21.5 Inch Screen
  • Wifi/RJ45 Enabled
  • 4G Enabled
  • Android Compatible
  • Add you own message on the screen as videos or/and still images
  • Display advertising and generate an income from your unit


The screens could be managed & added to the Smart Outdoor UK network & become an advertising platform for brands, thus creating a ROI for your business.


Finance packages available from £2.50 per day and the chance for revenue from advertising, these units can become a key asset for businesses & help drive revenue.

Unit Specifications