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The Latest in Screen Technology for Your Club or Home

Mobile outdoor scoreboards and advertising screens

  • Mobile Scoreboards that generate revenue through advertising
  • Scoreboards Quality products, complete project plans, prompt and professional delivery
  • 24/7 after sale service
  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • Pay for screen through local and national advertising
  • Finance Packages Available

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“This is a general solution for LED and LCD display which has the functions of timing, scoring, displaying advertisement, notification and the information of teams. It is an ideal choice for most of stadiums.”

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Clubhouse and In-Home Led Solutions


Clubhouse and in-home LED solutions

  • Best in Class Indoor LED screens
  • 24/7 after sale service
  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • Finance Packages Available


The U-Level Screen Technology is adopted to completely absort the stray light from outside


Edge protection at the bottom, to prevent hitting with automatically telescopic design, safe and convenient for re-disassembly.

UPanel II

MDC technology realizes quick switch over to different scenario modes allowing for effortless, professional application convenience.

Boosting participation for Meetings

UPanel S

Advanced Automatic Module Removal
All Modules, Power Supplies, and internal electronics and cables are replaceable from the front.


Full-featured all-in-one smart
LED display, easy operation, Wireless screen mirroring, Efficient installation and maintenance.


Calibration data is stored in each module. The module can be re-calibrated by itself with the data in the receiving card after replacement.

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