Lotto Winner Donates to Charity

Big-hearted My Club Lotto winner will donate to charity

London, May 18, 2020:

Long Distance London Broncos fan Mark Davies has won a tasty £5,000 – thanks to My Club Lotto.

Rugby League team London Broncos signed up to the My Club Lotto 50/50 lottery in February joining a growing band of football, rugby, cricket and other grassroots sports clubs taking advantage of the revenue-sharing scheme and other commercial services offered by My Club Group.

And 58-year-old Blackpool-based Davies took advantage by buying his ticket via the web site and came up trumps.

“I was a bit shocked at first when I checked the numbers on the My Club site. There had been a roll-over from the previous month due to Lockdown so there had been a bit of delay since I bought the tickets online. But when I double checked, I realised I was the winner – at my first attempt.

“To say it brought a smile to my face in these difficult times is a bit of an understatement. I was utterly thrilled.

“And the win will help me achieve one of my great sporting ambitions as a fan. While I’m a massive Broncos supporter, I am a big sports fan overall and, as a Yorkshireman, I love my cricket.

“So, I am going to put a chunk of the winnings to fulfil a dream of going Down Under and watch one of the Ashes Test matches in the winter hoping, of course, that in life in general, we are back to some sense of normality, and that the sporting calendar will have been resumed.

“But I also think it’s only right I donate some of the money to a charity and that will be the Steve Prescott foundation. It’s a very good charity for the Rugby League community.”

Prescott was a Rugby League full-back stalwart for St Helens, Hull and Wakefield Trinity, who also represented Ireland at the 2000 rugby World Cup and was known as The Man of Steel. St Helens-born Prescott died of a rare form of stomach cancer in 2013 at the age of the 39. His foundation  raises money for the Rugby League benevolent fund.

Mark’s punt on the monthly My Club Lotto was prompted after the Broncos signed up for the expanding lottery game, open to all grass roots sports clubs to help bolster revenue.

“Hopefully more and more Broncos fans will now join up. It’s nice to know that half the stake goes into the coffers of the club and that’s the same for fans of all those clubs already signed up to My Club Lotto, especially now when there are so many issues for grassroots clubs when it comes to cash.”

Davies first became a fan of the Broncos in the 20007 when he moved down from his native Middlesbrough – he is also season ticket holder with the Teesside soccer side – to London, to take up a job with BP.

But he now lives in Blackpool, having taken early retirement and frequently makes the 500-mile round trip – mostly by rail – to the Broncos’ base in Ealing, West London, where he is a season ticket holder. Amongst other commercial services fans of clubs signed up to My Club Group can access are the purchase of rail tickets, with the club benefiting from the sale.

“Why do I support the Broncos? Well, I came to them a bit late when I moved to London in 2007. As a northerner, I fancied getting my fill of some Rugby League and the Broncos was quite convenient from where I was living. I have been hooked ever since, always keeping in touch, even though I spent quite a lot of time abroad with the job,” said Davies.

“Now the journey is a bit longer to say the least, but I’m hooked and feel a special bond with the club and that will continue despite the disappointment of relegation from the Super League back to the Championship.

“It’s fair to say that because of the geography I get to more away games up in the north than I do to home matches, despite being a season ticket holder – but my commitment won’t be diminished, despite the relegation.

“I know the history of the club well and this being the 40th anniversary of its foundation… firstly as Fulham then all the incarnations from the Crusaders through to the Broncos – and I’m looking forward to joining in some form of celebration about that when everyone can eventually get together.

“A few years back we had a great night out when there was a get together of old players and supporters. The function was attended by Chrissie Welland, son of the late Colin Welland, the actor and author of Chariots of Fire. One of my prized photos is if of me in Broncos shirt holding the Oscar he won for the film.

“I’ve also met the coach Danny Ward and, over the years, many of the players. In fact, I sponsor one – Oli Leyland – and some of the My Club Lotto win will go towards continuing that.

“But I guess the highlight of the years of my support was a couple of seasons back, being only one of a few of the fans who made the long trip to Toronto in Canada for the play-offs, to see the Broncos beat the Wolfpack in what was dubbed the ‘Million Pound Game’ and secure promotion to The Super League.

“It’s disappointing they have now taken our place, but we will be back.”

My Club Lotto tickets can be bought at

My Club delivers white label, online revenue-generating services to grassroots sports clubs. Services include Lotto, rail tickets, energy switching, insurance, finance and much more.

My Club works with the sports clubs to promote the services to the club’s fans and their friends, families and local communities. Every time a fan uses one of the services, the club earns revenue.

It’s a simple concept that helps cash-starved sports clubs raise the funds they need to keep the club going and provide sport to the community. 

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