My Club Market Website for Club’s Members

My Club Market Website delivers customised website with services and products. Every time a member or fan uses the website the club earns revenue.


My Club Market Website provides a unique bespoke marketplace for Grassroots Sports Clubs. The market contains great products and services for your members, fans and friends. Every time a member uses the market the club earns revenue.

My Club Market works with sports clubs to promote the services and products to the club’s fans, friends, families and local communities.

As well as providing the market, My Club gives the club physical and online marketing assistance to promote the services to these people.

My Club works with its sports club affiliates to promote the services and products to the members and supporters of the sports clubs and shares the resulting net revenues with the clubs.

It’s a simple concept and to date we are the only ones working to help cash starved sporting clubs.

Club benefits

  1. Every My Club Market is unique to the club in their colours and utilising their logo
  2. Your free My Club Market site, with your unique domain can be ready in less than 24h after your initial sign up
  3. The market contains hundreds of products and services that your members can benefit from
  4. Every time someone buys a product or uses one of our services YOUR CLUB earns revenue
  5. The market allows individual clubs to utilise the national bargaining power of the My Club Group
  6. My Club will support you with a range of marketing tools so you can maximise your revenue from your Market

My Club Market Website Sign Up Process


My Club Market Website delivers customised white label boutique services and products for your members!


Equity for sport clubs

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Capital at risk. Approved by SEEDRS

Our ambassadors

Our management team is being assisted by some high-profile ambassadors, appointed by My Club, who are closely affiliated with sports clubs. All of whom act as sponsors and marketing representatives to promote the vision and aims of My Club.

These Ambassadors help market My Club to clubs and offer their support where possible to their respective sport’s Governing bodies.

Sam Allardyce

Chris Sheasby

Lauren Jones

Alan Forsyth

Jon Salako

Chubby Chandler

Georgia Davies

Jed McCrory

Liam Plunkett

Amy Kilpin

Josh McCrone

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