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YOU plan it, WE’LL Ticket it!

Whether it’s your first event ever, or your biggest event yet, we make it simple to sell tickets online.

Select and purchase a wide range of event tickets with ease.

Whether you want to sell single-day, multi-day, VIP or group tickets to your event – or provide a combination of options – our e-Ticketing platform offers your supporters, friends and family a fantastic solution.



Visit our ticketing platform to see how grassroots clubs are selling tickets and memberships to their members 


A Full E-Ticketing Solution

When your customer purchases a ticket, they will receive an email confirmation of the purchase with their e-Ticket attached. If required, you can manually re-send confirmation emails to your customers with the simple click of a button. Every e-Ticket can feature a bespoke, branded design, specific to each event and/or promoter. My Club receives a small commission for each e-Ticket sold.




How it works

  • Create an event – football matches, concerts, church raffles etc
  • Set up your free My Club Tickets service
  • Decide the combinations of e-Tickets you wish to offer – single game, multi-day, VIP etc
  • Promote your event via My Club’s easy-to-use platform
  • Sell your tickets and record your sales
  • Make money from your e-Ticket event
  • Allows follow-up to thank your event’s supporters, which can attract repeat business
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