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Connect with your superfans

Brand awareness with each new tab opened in Chrome and Edge browsers on Windows and MacOS. Make every new tab startpage your brand’s space. Connect your community with your brand on a global but personal level

Your branded wallpapers

  • ​Custom HD wallpaper gallery
  • Instant video playback on mouseover possible
  • Deeplink wallpapers to your website’s content
  • Flexible settings for your fans
  • Easy to switch! Each wallpaper just a click away

Your content integrated

  • Flexible integration of any content. Text, pictures, videos and links
  • Use your existing feeds: RSS, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or others
  • Live update everytime a user opens a new tab

Present your own favourites and search tabs

  • ​Bring your and your partners websites in the center of attention for all your fans
  • Your own search tab is pre-set to ensure that your users get back to your website when searching

Built-in fundraising

  • Support from your fans will be higher due to transparent communications
  • Gamification & top lists among fans will increase activity
  • Let top contributors win exclusive brand related prices or access to special content

These brands are already rocking their own New Tab Chrome Extension. Click on their logos to download and test their custom branded wallpapers!


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