Club Jumbo Roadside Advertising Screens

Our unique concept allows clubs to utilise their facilities to earn a substantial yearly revenue through outdoor digital advertising.

If your club ground is on a busy road then you could benefit from our turnkey roadside solution.

Benefits to the Club

  • The club receive a guaranteed advertising revenue.
  • The club receive a minimum guarantee per year.
  • The club collects a quarterly payment.
  • 1×10 second advert in every 18 is given to the club for the promotion of events, the facility, memberships and next game.
  • A minimum contract period is agreed.

How It Works

My Club / Club source appropriate Roadside location
My Club pay for and apply for appropriate planning permission
Planning usually takes 16 weeks from start to finish
My Club provide Jumbo screen and advertising software
My Club pay for Frame fabrication, screen fitting and Groundworks

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